With the new website, a great new possibility came into place: creating the Saab 900 Club!

Showcasing Saab 900’s from around the world
With the Saab 900 Club, I want to create an overview of as many Saab 900’s as possible. A showcase of 900’s from around the world with some information about each individual car like for example Saab 900 turbo S, year, current km’s/miles, country, the name of its owner (optional), the Instagram account of the car/owner (optional) and of course some pictures. 

One central place for as many Saab 900’s
This way I want so serve as one central place where all the cherished 900’s (and optionally their owners) are brought together and can be found online. I’m always happy to see a lot of enthusiasts taking care of their 900’s so well, enjoying them, driving them and sharing wonderful stories and pictures about that on their social media accounts. With the Saab 900 Club, I would love to bring all these different enthusiasts and accounts together in one central place, so that everyone interested can find these accounts in one overview. To admire, inspire, promote, connect and enjoy!

Important to mention is that the Saab 900 Club is also certainly inspired by the well-known Saab High Mile Club of my great friend Paul at Saabvss. With this 900 Club, I want to add to that tradition of cherishing our beloved brand Saab. 

Join the club
Own a Saab 900 Classic? Then please do join the club! You can submit your 900 here.  

More to come
I want to start the Saab 900 Club as on online overview, but of course, many more things are possible when building a Club. I’m thinking about meetings, stickers, knowledge exchange on certain subjects, organizing collective requests for certain parts at part suppliers, you name it! And, I’m sure the Saab 900 Club will be the first of a couple of more Clubs powered by House of Swedish Cars. Next to the Saab 900 Club, it would be great to organize a Saab 9000 Club, Saab 9-3 Club, Saab 9-5 OG Club, Saab 9-5 NG Club etc. For now, I hope to be able to welcome you as a member of or a visitor to the Saab 900 Club!