I’m happy to present the new website for House Of Swedish Cars! What started off as an Instagram account (with the original name Saabnine back then) to share the pictures that I was already taking of my cars and cars I saw on the streets, has developed into the account named House of Swedish Cars. An account to further share the enthusiasm for Saab, Volvo & Polestar. Pictures of my own cars, stories about them, updates on upgrades I’m doing on them, pictures of cars I spot in the wild, updates about developments regarding the Swedish car brands.

House of Swedish Cars
Especially since transforming the account into House of Swedish Cars, and a regular flow of content I enjoy posting, I’m humbled by the amount of appreciation the account receives by other enthusiasts, owners, drivers and people that love Swedish cars. It really motivates me to continue developing this personal brand called House of Swedish Cars, keep sharing the enthusiasm for our beloved Swedish cars and enjoy thinking of all the possibilities that come with a brand like this. One thing’s for sure, and that is that the communities of Saab, Volvo & Polestar enthusiasts are just great. There’s a shared feeling about these special cars from Scandinavia, that connects many different people from all around the world. I love to be a part of these communities.

With the website, I’m able to create more room for longer stories. And that excites me, as everywhere I go and connect with lovers of Saabs, Volvos and Polestars, there are great stories. And I want to share those stories with you. On this blog, I will share stories and updates of my own and stories from other enthusiasts.

Next to the blog, the website allows me to finally realize another idea I have for quite some time, and that is organizing Clubs powered by House of Swedish Cars. Online overviews of as many cars from a particular model, submitted by their owners, provided with the Instagram accounts of their owners if applicable. The first Club I’m launching is the Saab 900 Club. Do you own a Saab 900 Classic? Or just love to look at and read about them? Check out the Saab 900 Club here!