I always love it when a Saab is being saved by an enthusiastic owner who brings it back to its former glory. I also always love to watch videos about Saabs. A couple of months ago, during my regular ‘Saab 900’ search on YouTube, I stumbled upon the nice channel ‘Martyn’s Boosted Swedes’. On this channel, Saab enthusiast Martyn Russel shares his adventures with his beautiful cars (including a gorgeous sharknose 9-5 Aero Estate and a lovely Lancia Delta) and the restoration project of his Beryl Green Saab 900 T16s. 

In very nice bite-size videos of a couple of minutes, Martyn takes us with him on this exciting Saab rescue and gives us updates on the various steps within the restoration process. The 900 being rescued is as mentioned a lovely 900 T16s in the beautiful Beryl Green over a very nice tan interior. The 900 traveled with its original owner from Australia to the UK, where eventually, it was bought by a new owner. When the rust on the car was too much, the car stood in a field for 5 years. And then in January 2023, luckily, Martyn saved it. With the Abbott racing parts (charge-cooler, exhaust), a red box APC, the whale tail spoiler and the 16” Aero wheels, Martyn just had to save it. And stories like that just always bring joy to me. I’m honored to have Martyn and his 900 on our Saab 900 Club (you can check out his 900 here).

Please do check out Martyn’s channel (there are already quite some nice videos from the last months) and follow him on his motivating journey of getting this special car back on the English roads! I genuinely always get excited by the different Saab enthusiasts caring for their Saabs and sharing this online, be it on Instagram, Facebook, forums, websites or, in this case, YouTube. With House of Swedish Cars, I love to collect these great initiatives in one place and promote them (also with help of our Saab 900 Club), in order for as many enthusiasts to enjoy them, so hence with great pleasure this shout-out to Martyn and his channel. 

Martyn, thanks for saving this lovely 900 and thanks for sharing your project with us through your nice videos on YouTube!