Saab 900 Turbo 16S convertible
KM: 130.000
The Netherlands
Club ID: 900HOSC00094
Jöran van den Bergh

As a young boy I always liked Saabs, especially the 900. The stylish design, the sound which is so full of character. In the 80s my dad drove a BMW E30 323i. I loved that car because of its boxy 80s design (I love the 80s so much) and its straight-six engine.

But in 1993 my dad told me he wanted a convertible, but he didn’t want a rwd because he had bad experiences with it on icy roads during wintertime. I advised him to buy a Saab 900. After we drove a white dealerdemo for a weekend my dad decided he wanted a blue one. So we went to the dealer to order it.

When we were at the dealership the owner told us that it was not possible anymore to order one as Saab stopped their production one week earlier. But he had one in his workshop which was only two weeks old with only 1.600 kms on the tacho, but it had some damage on the left hand side as a car that came from the opposite direction had slightly touched this Saab during its maiden trip in Italy. The first owner didn’t want to keep this car anymore because of the fact that it had been damaged and ordered a new one. Because she had the same problem (no new Saab 900s could be ordered) the dealer was able to get one from a dealer in Munich. As the car was scratched from front to rear on the left hand side we had it checked by a professional. His conclusion was that no essential parts except outside platework was damaged, so we could buy it without risk. So the car was repaired professionally by the Saab dealer and I remember very well that day in 1993 that we picked up this beautyful Saab 900 as one of the most beautiful days of my life.

My father drove this car only in summertime. During winter it always stayed in his garage. But in 2022 my father turned 79 and told me he became too old now to drive his convertible. Also because the Saab is a stickshift and he needed an automatic now. So after he owned the car for 29 years, I took over this beautiful original 900 T16 convertible (with red box because it was the final edition) in summer 2022. For me this dream became even better. I also do only drive it during summertime. During wintertime it is parked at its familiair spot in the garage of my dad where it used to spend it’s time during the last 29 years. This year it turns 30. Except for the beauty of the car it also has great emotional value to me. Next to Saab heritage this car has also irreplaceable value as family heritage…