SAAB 900 S
Miles: 130.000
Club ID: 900HOSC00082
David McDonald
IG: black.saabs.forever

About 4 years ago I would walk past my neighbor’s house with a black ’91 SAAB 900S in the driveway. Every time I passed by I would notice rust starting below the rear window. As a year or two went by the rust grew larger. I finally talked the neighbor into letting me try to start the car. The car hadn’t been started since 2005. I managed to spray fuel into the intake and it would run for a few seconds. I towed it to my house and began working on it. I replaced the fuel pump and finally got it running again.

After months of working on it, I finally talked my neighbor into selling it. I spent a lot of time cosmetically cleaning the engine compartment. I installed a new headliner and gave it new tires. It’s still a work in progress but it’s now a functional and enjoyable car to drive and has been saved from the lonely driveway down the street!