Saab 900S Convertible
Miles: 34.200
Club ID: 900HOSC00079
Paul Piedra
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I have owned my 900 since 2014. I always loved the look of the 900 since seeing one driving by in the 80s driving down the street. It was a two tone in Brown/Tan and my friends and I all said “nice car” simultaneously. Must have been custom paint because I could not find another like it (searched the net forever).

Although it was always a car I wanted, I was not searching for one when I picked mine up. It’s kind of a sad story on how I got mine. A friend was in a horrific accident (animal attack). It was quite newsworthy at the time.

A few years after that, she won a lawsuit against the person responsible and picked up some properties she owned. One was a warehouse that had a tow business and inside were a bunch of cars. One was a 93 Saab 900s vert with only 32k miles. Told my wife I want it, but she said no since I already had a toy and can’t afford another (a 1991 BMW 850). As friends, we offered to sell all the stuff in the warehouse for her (from cars, to metal working machines to tables and tools).

Tried as I did (and I did try), I could not sell the Saab for $2500. Had a few test drives, but no takers (did manage to sell a 79 Lotus, 72 Mercedes, 65 Jeep and 91 Dodge. None in that great of shape).

A couple of months after weeks and weeks of tag sales there, I received a letter from her lawyer saying she was gifting the car to me. That said, it does mean a lot to me and try my best to take good care of it and very proud of it (have only driven 1000 miles or so since I got it). We still keep in touch with her and see her from time to time (she moved up state since the accident).