Saab 900 Turbo
KM: 159.000
Club ID: 900HOSC00069
Jan Baca
IG: saab_conscious

I bought this car in 8/2022 in Germany. I don’t know much of its’ history apart from the fact that the previous owner had it imported from Japan an had the automatic transmission replaced with manual at a local workshop specialising in Saabs.

If there are any Saab enthusiasts from Japan in here who recognise this car I’ll be happy to hear from them. The car comes in a lovely and quite rare colour combination of black exterior and colorado red interior. It is completely rust-free, unwelded and generally in a good condition.

The previous owner changed the cracked dashboard and damaged front seats and I did the rest – cleaned and refreshed the leather, recovered the door cards and cleaned the carpet. I slowly continue improving some little issues and imperfections every youngtimer has and enjoy driving it on weekends with my family.