Saab 900 turbo 16
Miles: 115.000
Club ID: 900HOSC00066
Mark Stevens
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I purchased it from the industrial heart of England where it had languished under cover in a garage for 15 years. The garage owner didn’t want to let it go but wasn’t able to put it back on the road safely.

There was much to do but i was able to find a long standing Saab specialist who knows theses cars and their weak spots well. A winter of work, 2020 to 2021 in the workshop saw the engine and gearbox totally restored, the shell checked and repaired where necessary and the car back on the road.

Restoration of the paint finish took place in the following summer but not until i took the opportunity to drive and appreciate the Saab for what it was. Analogue but competent and…fun. Quite different to my 9-3 day car.