Saab 900i
KM: 225.000
Club ID: 900HOSC00062
Arnold Broese
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When I moved to Australia (with right hand drive), I sold my Canadian 900SPG which had LH drive (not normally permitted in Australia.) This 1993 900i 2.1 three door is the replacement for my 1988 SPG in Canada (third picture). (Prices of the Aero Turbo were too much taxed) In 2010 I stopped every day use, in order to extend its life, but it is still fully registered. I try to use it every week on nice days.

The paint is like new, and the car is completely rust free. Everything still works except one channel on the radio (tape deck section is fine). Fuel quantity sender sometimes under reads. Headliner was replaced except for C post interior fabric. Seats look unused and the whole interior looks pristine. Still has the original brake pads and disks. CSD has been replaced along with clutch slave cylinder but clutch still original.

I am very happy with this car, and love it dearly. With 140 bhp. it is quite powerful enough to get you all the speeding tickets you want, even if it isn’t an SPG