Saab 900xs Combi Coupe
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Club ID: 900HOSC00036
Rob Dalby
IG: robert.dalby

I owned two Saabs as my daily cars a few years back – a 9-3 and 9-5 – but it had always been my ambition to own a classic 3-door 900. I bought my car – a Le Mans blue 900xs Combi Coupe – from a friend in early 2021. It’s been well cared for – an earlier owner was the daughter of the former MD of Saab UK who had it serviced, no expense spared (some of the invoices I have are eyewatering), by the now sadly closed Belsyre Motors in Oxford, a stone’s throw from my office. It can regularly be seen at Bicester Heritage’s Scramblers Assemble events where I’m always struck by the universal affection these old beasts attract. I try to use it for my commute at least once per week – I firmly believe cars are made to be driven.