Saab 900S Convertible
KM: 150.000
Club ID: 900HOSC00017
Toine Lenssen
IG: adventures with a nine

As a young child of 6 years my father bought a Saab 99 of 1972. He drove this car untill 1984 when he bought the last available 99 in the color white. That one he drove untill 1991. Then I took over this car and drove it myself untill 1997. So you can say I grew up with Saab.

As there were no appealing Saabs in 1997 I went to the other Swedish brand and went driving Volvo. I bought a 850 and later on a S70 and several V70’s, XC70’s and XC90’s have been mine ever since.

As second car I liked to drive a convertible. I always liked the Saabs and so I drove some convertibles untill 2005. At that time I owned again a 99 and a 9-3 Aero Convertible. While emigrating to Belgium I had to sell them. The 99’s are still on the road and one even has its own instagram.

At one point my Volvo dealer had a black 900 convertible and I fell in love again. I just had to buy it. Later on I bought a second one and drove them untill 2014. Then I thought that the love was over.

But, in 2022 for some reason I accidentaly saw this Le Mans Blue one with a perfect interior and there was that loving feeling again. I had it repainted so it looks like new at the exterior also and now I’m enjoying every single trip I make with it