Numbers: Saab 900 Classic

How many Saab 900’s are still around? That was a question popping up in a conversation with my dear Saab friends Toine and Harry. An interesting question I want to gradually generate an answer to.

Personally, as I also stated regarding the Clubs by House of Swedish Cars, I always love an overview. A place where you can find everything (or as much as possible) about a certain subject, brought together in one central hub.

At House of Swedish Cars, I want to facilitate a central overview of the known numbers of Saab 900’s registered around the world. Starting with a couple of numbers I very generously received by fellow enthusiasts and some I found myself.



Getting a better understanding and more information about the number of Saab 900’s still driving around is not only very interesting in general but also very valuable for all of us. It gives knowledge about how many of these iconic cars are still driving around, which can be potentially interesting to know for companies and specialists working with Saab and producing parts for Saabs. It gives a good idea about the potential market a certain part or product aimed at the 900 represents. It gives them insight, a better understanding and an extra layer to base their plans on, helping 900 owners keeping their cars in good shape. Information and its potential effects that could be very important and helpful for the future of our beloved 900’s.

For the future of the 900

Total amount of Saab 900 Classics produced

2, 3, 4 & 5 door Convertible Total
Production numbers 859.929 48.888 908.817


Saab 900 Classics registered

2, 3, 4 & 5 door Convertible Total
The Netherlands 2.107 1.518 3.625
Germany 1.854 3.009 4.863
New Zealand 265 18 283
UK 3.231 963 4.914
USA 40.129
Italy 4.066
Switzerland 682
Total 7.457 5.508 58.562 


  • The Netherlands – 2022 – saabberichten June 2022, Bert Ewalds, Saab Club Nederland (based on RDW database)
  • Germany – 2023 – Jan Rühmke, trollhattan.classics (based on data of German Federal Ministry of Transport, number could be higher as the model of imported cars is not always specified)
  • New Zealand – 2023 –, source sent by Aaron Mcleigh (number of convertibles could be a bigger part of the total number as some cars are simply indicated as ‘900’)
  • UK – 2022 – (based on data of Department for Transport and the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency in the UK. Total of licensed and SORN cars)
  • USA – 2016 – Saab Parts North America (
  • Italy – 2021 –, Arpad Mattossi & Saab Zanetti Omero (based on data of ACI. This number is an estimate as there is a total of 7.346 Saab 900s registered in Italy and within that number, the divsion between 900 Classic and 900 NG isn’t completely clear. As 4.066 of the registered 900s don’t have a specific version mentioned, it is the provisional estimate of the creators of the Italian overview that these are the 900 Classics)
  • Switzerland – 2023 – Pascal Müller, Pascal Müller via Jan Rühmke from trollhattan.classics based on official Swiss data)

Add your piece
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If you know the number of Saab 900’s registered in your country, please do let me know via and I will gladly add them (and your name of course) to this page.

    • Saab 900 Classic
    • 1978-1994 (only convertibles in 1994)
    • Optional: subcategories with numbers per body type 
    • Optional: subcategories with numbers per engine type
    • If possible, please add your source and the year the numbers are based on