With House of Swedish Cars, I want to foster a place where you can find all sorts of content about Swedish cars. Lovely pictures, information and of course, the stories of these wonderful automobiles and their owners.

Personally, I always love an overview. A place where you can find everything (or as much as possible) about a certain subject, brought together in one central hub. And I like to connect people, organisations and developments. From that drive to connect and create overviews, I got the idea to found Clubs powered by House of Swedish Cars, centered around a specific Swedish car model. A bit like the well-known Saab High Mile Club of my great friend and fellow Saab lover Paul from Saab vs Scepticism, who is in so many ways a big inspirator for me for many years. But this time, the Clubs are focused on a specific model.


Information and inspiration everywhere
These days, when you’re interested in for example the Saab 900, you can find a lot about the 900 in a lot of different places. It always make me happy to see so many enthusiasts taking care of and enjoying their beloved Saabs. Regularly, you can find a new Instagram account sharing lovely stories and pictures about their beloved Saab 900 for instance. And on the central Facebook Groups created around a specific car model, a lot of owners are gathered and connected, with the great possibilty of sharing pictures, sharing news updates, asking questions and interacting. But, a lot of it is fragmented. And in the Facebook Groups, it’s hard to get an overview of every member and their car(s). With the Clubs, I want to bring as much owners of a specific car model and their cars together in one place.

Join the club
The aim of these clubs is very simple: if you own a car of which we have created a Club, you can join this club with your car by submitting it with information and pictures. With these submissions, an ever growing overview of as many cars of that model as possible will be created on An overview of all these cars, in different variants, with different specifications, from different places of the world, all of them with their own stories. Provided with the Instagram account of their owners if possible. Brought together in one central place to look at them and read about them. To connect, admire, promote, inspire and enjoy.


So in short, each Club (like the Saab 900 Club for example) will showcase as much cars of a specific model as possible (which are submitted by their owners to the Club free of charge), more or less comparable with a register and platform in one, with the following information and pictures:

    • Car (for example Saab 900 turbo S)
    • Year
    • Owner (optional)
    • Current km/miles
    • Country
    • Instagram account (optional)
    • Story about the car and/or the car history of its owner
    • Pictures (with a maximum of 5)

The Clubs